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The sky's YOUR limit!  

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A change of seasons is in the air, and so are the Fantasy Balloons pilots.  The views from the balloon at Chatfield State Park are awesome!  Schedule your exciting flight!  Denver metro area.  Sunrise hot air balloon flights!  Our balloons accommodate 2-8 passengers.  Enjoy the freedom of the skies and the great views from altitude.  You may help us inflate the balloon, and pack up after the flight.  After your awesome flight, participate in the traditional champagne toast and hear "The Balloonist's Prayer."  It is a unique experience, and we invite you to share it with us.

Hot air ballooning has a long and "colorful" history, in America and other countries.  The Montgolfier brothers from France are considered the first hot air balloonists. They began to fly balloons in France in 1783, when Benjamin Franklin was the US ambassador to France. They started by sending up animals that returned safely to earth. The first manned flight was in November 1783. 

Hot air balloons have been used in several wars over the centuries, most often for reconnaissance.  During the Civil War, balloons were used by both sides. This was chronicled by Thaddeus Lowe.
Hot air balloon flights are described as peaceful, floating, and other wonder words. Because the balloon is moving with the wind, there is little sensation of movement and little wind. Even in winter, it is not usually very cold up in the balloon.

Hot air balloon flights in Colorado are among the most exciting experiences
imaginable. The classic flight is our sunrise balloon ride over Chatfield State
Park in Littleton CO.  As the sun comes up, and you get ready to lift off, you can anticipate the sights awaiting you. The gorgeous Rocky Mountains to the west, and the shimmering water of Chatfield Reservoir beneath you.  Any season is
a great time to fly, and the sights and sensations are different at each time of
the year. 
In Winter, the balloon lifts over the trees without leaves, and you see wildlife
grazing in the grass, and the remains of bird nests in the tree branches. The
balloon may land briefly on the ice-covered portion of the lake - a very
interesting sensation as it slides along the ice!  Your pilot delights in
having you listen for the calls of the ice worms, which can be heard from
under the ice.