hot air balloons, Fantasy Balloons Denver, CO Driving Directions
Fantasy Balloons Colorado


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Click below on a pdf option to get directions to Chatfield State Park on the southwest side of Denver,  and the Montgolfier Balloon Launch area.  Please DO NOT use Google Maps or Mapquest to find this state park-- those will get you lost.  
Once inside Chatfield State Park through the Wadsworth gate, stop beyond the unoccupied entrance building. Pay entry fee at self-service area on right.  Exact change - currently $8 US - is advised.  Proceed ahead to STOP sign, turn left there.  Turn left again at the first little road - into a small parking lot.  This is the balloon launch field parking area.  Park only on the paved area. Get ready for a great adventure!
The map below provides an overview of the State Park. The balloon launch site is on the west side of the park.

GPS coordinates:  39.544876, -105.085507