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Have you floated on the lake in a hot air balloon?  Join us today!

About Us

Fantasy Balloons proudly operates on of the best known hot air balloons in Colorado, and boasts one of the best pilots in the country. Gery deKoevend, the Pilot in Command (PIC), has been flying for over 40 years. He has extensive experience flying near and over mountains. 
Liberty (shown below in the first photo) is 210,000 cubic feet - a "210". It can carry the pilot and 8 passengers. It was built by Firefly Balloons in Statesville, NC.  The second photo is our newest balloon, Sunburst. Sunburst is 90,000 cf and was also built by Firefly Balloons. It carries a pilot and 2-3 passengers, depending on weight.  The third balloon shown here is the iconic "Freedom."  Freedom is also 90,000 cf and is also a Firefly.